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Individual Skype Sessions

Individual work focuses on whatever you want to focus on. Here are some topics I like to discuss during these sessions.

  • Macroeconomic conditions

  • Speculation on specific cryptocurrencies

  • Swing trading strategies
  • Technical Support – Setting Up Your Wallets, Exchange Accounts, Etc

  • Crypto Asset Management

  • Investment strategy for hodlers (buy and hold on for dear life)

If you’re interested, please inquire in the contact section.

In-Person Work

If you would like to arrange a meeting in the Boston area or beyond, please inquire in the contact page. I prefer these to Skype sessions if we are diving into :

  • In depth investment, trading strategies, analysis

  • High frequency trading

Disclaimer :

I am not a financial professional. I am not a quant or a professional trader. I am not an oracle. Cryptocurrencies have the potential to fail and you could lose all of your assets. You could lose your assets if you mismanage security or if you’re unlucky. Never invest more than you are willing to lose. Never trust me. Do your own research.

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