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About Me

Welcome and I’m glad you found your way here! The world of Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptoassets has so much potential. It has opened the tunnels of global innovation and smart transactions that we never thought were possible. It gave rise to a new asset class, cryptoassets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, that is parallel and separate from the US dollar and global currencies.

But these new technologies and cryptocurrencies are up against some serious resistance and hurdles. Fortunately, there is a lot we can do to protect ourselves, mitigate risk, and stay ahead of the curve. With the meetups, courses, and Skype sessions that I offer, it’s my intention to provide interested people with knowledge, strategies, insights, and resources into this fascinating space so that you are equipped to buy, exchange, and store cryptoassets if you eventually choose to do so.

Right now, I am teaching a course in Cambridge, MA called ‘Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptos– Understanding and Holding Cryptoassets.’ The course is 4 hours long, capped at 20 people, and I try to make it insightful, useful, and enjoyable to all. Use the promo code: TOKEN for 50% off the course. I also host free meetups on different topics that you can find on the Courses page. Individual Skype sessions and in-person meetings are another option. We can talk about the market, work through technical questions, discuss trading strategies, talk about Jamie Dimon, or whatever else you want. If you have any questions or want to learn more, shoot me a message on the Contact page.


Please do not attend or invest any real money in cryptoassets unless you are willing to spend time, focus, and energy on independent research. Due diligence takes a long time. I am not a financial professional. I am not a quant or a professional trader. I am not an oracle. Cryptocurrencies have the potential to fail and you could lose your assets. You could lose your assets if you mismanage security or if you’re unlucky. Never invest more that you are willing to lose. Never trust me. Do your own research.

Wait, real quick, what are cryptocurrencies??

  • Just like cash and gold, cryptocurrencies are a medium of exchange and a store of value. They use blockchain technology, where secure transactions are recorded in many locations on a public ledger. Some examples include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, and Monero. I believe in defining cryptocurrencies as part of a larger asset class, “cryptoassets”, which include many more blockchain related projects whose tokens can be acquired.

  • Typical Common Properties  –

    • Inherently International and Decentralized – Transactions are processed and stored on a ledger by a global network of computers
    • Permissionless – Anyone can transact on the network. Transactions are inexpensive
    • Secure – Transactions are verified by advanced cryptography. Only the owner of a private key can send cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin hasn’t been forged or double spent in the 9 years it has existed
    • Irreversible – Once you send it, it’s gone. Once you receive it, it’s yours
    • Not Quite Anonymous – Private keys are associated with an address, not your identity. Your address can typically be traced back to you so don’t try anything funny
    • The Supply is Known to the Public – This helps ensure scarcity
  • My goals

    • To provide history, information, and insight into the cryptocurrency and blockchain world
    • To provide practical paths, resources, and strategies to intelligently hold, trade, and manage cryptoassets if you choose to do so
    • To have fun and encourage you to have fun while we learn


Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency 101 – Understanding and Holding Cryptoassets. We’ll start with the fundamentals and work our way to trading, holding, and an open discussion.

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